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Don't know what to do? Let's kill the time

un peu de tout un peu de rien un peu de moi et un peu de ça. Bref, c'est ici je viens tuer mon temps et le votre : )
this is here were I kill my time and your, where I put stuff on this and things on that. So that me, my blog, ma page: )
Apr 19 '14
Apr 12 '14




An adequate fuck-ton of hood-like references.

[From various sources]

Oh yeah

This is extremely helpful!

Apr 9 '14


it looks like Edward was doing some yoga and got stuck, so now Caroline must help him… I dunno xD

Yogis creed’s

Apr 7 '14


yes hello, I’m working on a webcomic. It has 10 pages up so far!! I will try to update two times a week. I hope you will like it!

find it —>here<—

Apr 1 '14


It’s a little awkward when I’m checking tumblr while at school and robot/aliens penises are everywhere. Like, I want to see what’s going on, but I don’t want other people to see.

That THE reason why I never go to tumblr at school

Mar 31 '14





A reminder that “male” armour usually works just as well with female bodies. If you’re trying to design something practical, useful and historical looking (or even just something the follows the laws of physics), never ever put in boob cups. Aside from the fact they give the armour a sort of “focus point” for swords, falling down on them would send the shock right into the sternum. Regular plate armour leaves enough space between the chest for small to medium sized boobs anyway. But say the girl underneath is a buxom lass, you can still avoid that cleavage, boob cup shape while leaving enough space for her melons.

But aside from plate, things like the top picture, chainmail and all sorts of leather armour are unisex. I know you might be thinking that the feminine thing to do when designing a female warrior is to show off a bit of thigh or neck or cleavage or something, but really, understand that if the goal of that armour is to protect completely, putting an obvious gap in it is a terrible idea and she’ll surely get stabbed very quickly.

And don’t feed me the “it’s magic, I don’t got to explain shit” line. Bollox. Magic armour and forcefields need to make some sense too. Show me something that LOOKS like it’s generating a barrier over the character instead of just saying “Oh the G-string of Invulnerability is just as good as wearing full plate anyway”. If that’s the case, everyone would wear it. And why can’t they just tie it around their belt? Make me believe that your magic armour and spells have logic to them. If not, please don’t play your world straight. I’m all for super stylised designs as long as they’re sold as such, but if you’re trying to make a world that feels real enough for people to believe and get immersed in, think this stuff out. If you’ve designed someone with sparse, gapped armour that shows skin, give your character a reason to wear it.

I don’t do a lot of reblogging on this blog, but this has been a matter of frequent discussion for me lately.  I have a lot of feelings about this, and this post is pretty spot-on!  All the women pictured above look beautiful and formidable.

Always reblog proper armor for ladytypes.

The armor here is just freaking cool.

Mar 29 '14


By  spader7

Oh the feels.

OH NO! why?!?!&#160;: &#8216;(



By spader7

Oh the feels.

OH NO! why?!?! : ‘(

Mar 26 '14

collections that are raw as fuck ➝ tony ward f/w 2014-15

Mar 25 '14

&lt;3 love me some shape shifting bamfs!

Omg that&#8217;s perfect!


<3 love me some shape shifting bamfs!

Omg that’s perfect!

Mar 25 '14



I’ve been asked a lot about how I draw hoods, mostly Talon’s hood, so I hope this helps a little? Just a pretty basic thing but hey there ya go

Hoods are pretty cool, they usually have a lot of variety in how they can look (and sometimes people even wear two hoods at once) so just get creative with it and have fun